• Jonathan Lakeland

Seven Days Walking

Ludovico Einaudi (composer) is an Italian composer whose classical music compositions feel the influence from many other genres. His piece "Seven Days Walking" is an extensive project. It is a multi-album composition which is split into seven episodes (or discs in this case). Einaudi says:

“The idea first came to me as I was listening to the recordings of the first sessions: each version seemed to me to have its own personality, with subtleties so distinct from one another that I was unable to choose which I preferred. I associated everything with walking, with the experience of following the same routes over and over, discovering new details each time. And so in the end I decided to thread them all together in a sort of musical labyrinth, a little like stepping inside the twists and turns of the creative process, to understand how a musical idea can develop in multiple directions, and changing once again at the moment in which it is heard.”

Einaudi's music is captivating and creative, but still falls happily into the meditative subgenre of classical music being written today. There's something so cathartic about melancholy music. Even for me as an experienced classical musician, nothing accompanies a grey day like tea and a bit of Einaudi or Philip Glass or music evocative of the sea like Britten's Four Sea Interludes, though Britten's work is distinctly different from that of Glass or Einaudi.

So as we endure some unexpected storms here in the NYC area, I'd suggest hunkering down, and enjoying some of this charmingly simple yet evocative music.