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This new album (Placeless), a collaboration between the famous Kronos Quartet and Iranian singers Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat collides classical music with Iranian melodies and poetry from yesterday and today. The sound of this disc is captivating. The middle eastern folk influences aren't foreign at all - the beautiful, ornamented melodies sigh, cry, and speak to something deep within every human being.



The music is so dynamic - “My Ruthless Companion” (track 2) has an enrapturing beat which never stops driving. “The Might of Love” tailors its musical sound to the inflection and meaning of the words perfectly. “The color of moonlight” is a stunning track, showcasing the full virtuosity and artistry of both the quartet and the singers.

Check out these three tracks for sure, but the whole disc is worth listening to. This disc is a great reminder of how fresh and different classical music can sound.

About the disc, the label says: "Despite spanning a period of 800 years, even the oldest poems are still surprisingly relevant, showing how the human heart is always the same, regardless of time, place and culture. The album title Placeless references a well-known poem by Rumi from the 13th century:

'I am not from the East, nor from the West

I am not from the land, nor from the sea

I am not from the world, not from beyond

My place is placelessness.

My trace is tracelessness.'

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