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A New Kind of Opera in NYC

Sometimes interviews with classical musicians can seem a bit staged and boring. That's less to do with the artist and more to do with the interviewer, who is often either uninformed or is bringing his/her own baggage about classical music into the interview.

But leave it to the Canadians to do a phenomenal job yet again!

Check out this interview with Yannick Nézet-Séguin (the new music director at the Met Opera in NYC), led by CBC journalist Rosemary Barton, who asks outstanding, informative questions, including some that are very challenging and unexpected.

Yannick shines in this interview, as most artists do when they're talking to a thoughtful and informed journalist. The interview touches upon subtleties in the classical music world that are rarely noticed by audiences. As such, I think this interview in particular provides an illuminating glimpse at what it means to conduct opera, as well as the joys and complexities of being the Met Opera's music director in today's world.

I'm a big fan of this interview!

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